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Jan. 15, 2020, 7:31 p.m. -  jgb1

SO many good points...hard to add anything that hasn't already been said.  I think if you've spent anytime in the woods as a trail user - in ANY capacity you've had both good and bad encounters with other users.  Some of them being Mountain bikers. Clearly the people posting here have demonstrated, and continue to demonstrate, excellent trail etiquette. my two cents....If we continue as a group to create checks and balances within our riding groups, if we continue to advocate for our sport ( and for what its worth - nobody is paying us to do that) and be good ambassadors, if we continue with those difficult conversations regarding trail access, e-bikes, shuttling, green initiatives, and all things carbon, then we invite others to share in our experience and educate.  Every opportunity to speak to a trail user, whether a mountain biker or hiker or?? is an opportunity to have a positive interaction and to leave the other user feeling as though we as cyclists aren't a bunch of self serving, narcissistic d-bags with baggy shorts and matching gloves?? I'm not sure how to accessorize.  However, I sure as hell know how to say hello to every person I encounter and check in with others to ensure that everyone - myself included, benefits from that brief moment of communication. Perhaps in my frail mind, I see trail access being a precarious luxury that we still enjoy.  I for one don't want that removed for both me - and for my sons. So I implore others to wave hello, take the time to know their history as Cr4w stated,  and get involved with a trail association. My apologies for my verbal diarrhea.  I'll show myself out.....

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