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Jan. 15, 2020, 10:49 a.m. -  Karl Fitzpatrick

Keeping up relations isn't something that's easily taught as it comes down largely to someone's personality. Here in Wellington NZ we're very lucky to be surrounded by a ring of hills that has all manner of different riding terrain and access (thanks to a very dedicated and vocal few)that would have a visitor weak at the knees. As OldManBike said, this has bred a growing number of cyclists (mainly) developing a creeping sense of entitlement and self importance when it comes to their priority on the likes of a lot of trails. It's not usually my on track interactions that tend go in depth but running into (not literally) a walker, rider or other user at the trail head often turns into a good old chat about anything and everything and I often end up riding away having spent most of my limited ride time feeling just as good about knowing I'm an ambassador for the mtb community as i would having just shred a sick manual to wall ride hip jump....

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