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Jan. 3, 2020, 11:07 a.m. -  Metacomet

In my opinion, both yes and no.  But I'd say that in that specific travel range the differences are considerable enough.  I know the % change is greater the lower the travel numbers are, but I'd argue that the suspension feel changes more and more as you move into the longer travel ranges.  I believe because the available dynamic sag/travel and the way you utilize that travel changes more dramatically as you move up through the range until you hit a point of diminishing returns, which I think would be the area near and greater than 200mm.    80-100mm is a pretty tiny difference.  100-120 is a bit more.  120-140 is more yet, 140-160 more again, 160-180 is pretty substantial. 180-200 is big, but maybe less than the change from 160-180.  I know this is all dependent on the spring curve/leverage rate, but the idea still applies.  Sorry for the rant.   Its an interesting subject, and I think something we all struggle with when visualizing our individual "ideal" bike.

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