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Dec. 31, 2019, 1:23 p.m. -  Andrew Major

Cool list of bikes! Been following Peter Daam's work for a while. Out of curiosity (as someone who has gone the custom route a few times) what were you looking for that you couldn't find in a stock frame? . RSD has come up lately in a few conversations just in terms of good geometry VS quality VS price. The steel [Middlechild]( is where the Kona Honzo should have progressed to by now and I love that it has sliders since what is every hardtail rider if not a non-conforming single speeder!  Personally, I'd rather see the same geo-chart built around a 100mm fork but, recognizing that I'm a weirdo, I think it's rightly the perfect middle ground between need and want for most riders looking for a versatile hardtail. I also have it on good authority that the 29x2.6" tire clearance is with the stays slammed so those of us who'd rather a 2.8" tire on a 40mm rim can make it work.  . I wish GG hadn't ditched their aluminum frame production. My brother has an aluminum Smash from one of the last runs (raw of course) and it is a beautiful bridge of new (H20 holder, kinematics, geo) and old (beauty welds, round tubes, craftmanship). Works great with a coil (he had SuspensionWerx resize the CCDB off his Nomad) and even little details like the 3mm rear wheel offset (actually 6mm for his Boostinator kit) make so much sense. It's easily my favourite full suspension bike that's not on the market anymore (even if it's not what I'd ride personally).  The carbon frames are very interesting as well from a manufacturing perspective - would love to see the whole manufacturing process.  . I see a lot of value in products like my Dumpling or the Stealth bum bag. Sure, I like supporting little companies but more than that - in both those cases they bring something interesting, SIMPLE, high quality, and fully thought out to market. Whether it's a matter of 'buy nice or buy twice' or just committing to a product both are so good I don't see any reason to seek out something else. Happy New Year!

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