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Dec. 12, 2019, 6:19 p.m. -  JVP

Yeah that was one helluva trap. Dude, take the damn 'yoke.  And then rebuild the Reverb and give it to someone who would otherwise buy a cheapo post. Throwing shit away would be part of the problem. Own the fact that we're consumers, we all live luxurious lives, be OK taking a nice post. Lets reduce our consumption, but also not pretend we're righteous.  If your only problem is that it won't work in the cold, put your fluid in the freezer and bleed the remote with cold fluid. Depending on which version of the old Reverb you're on, it should work. If you have the squishy top 15mm problem, it needs an IFP bleed. Not super easy, but not too hard if you've ever bled a fork damper and you're handy like that. If it's generally screwed, a full rebuild kit is available that has an improved IFP. I've done it a few times. A few special tools may be needed depending on which version.  Or if that's too much, pay a local shop $170 (USA cost) to rebuild the Reverb and then give it to someone.  But seriously, take the Bike Yoke. Learn to rebuild stuff, skip beef for a while or forever, but don't be pressured into being a hero. The bigger picture is what matters.

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