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Dec. 12, 2019, 9:01 a.m. -  blaklabl

I totally agree with this article.  My frame has a 34.9mm seat tube, but was spec'd with a 30.9 post & shim.  Now, the post was a POS out of the gate, but I haven't really ever had a dropper I liked very well that was relatively trouble free.  I debated a OneUp and using the shim, or the Reverb 34.9 until I realized they used the same small upper tube as the smaller diameter posts.  Also not having great experience with a couple Reverbs prior, I gritted my teeth and paid up for the BikeYoke Revive MAX 34.9 and it has been stellar in almost 9 months of use.  Smooth, easy to compress, pops up solidly, honestly if it weren't for having to push a lever to activate it I would forget it was there.  One of the best "recent" purchases I have made for my ride and totally worth the money in my opinion.

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