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Dec. 11, 2019, 2:06 p.m. -  cedrico

Dave makes a good point about the need for systemic change. Our government is practically in charge of this type of change. A great starting point for having our government enact environmentally-friendly systemic change is to have them listen to what Canadians like us want. This past federal election, [about 7% of Canadians voted for the Green Party and yet only 1% of members of parliament (these people create laws) are with the Green Party]( This is because we have a dysfunctional voting system called first-past-the-post. The alternatives are proportional representation voting sytems, which would've given us the 7% Green Party MPs that we should've had. The NDP party is also under-represented because of first-past-the-post. How do we change our voting system to a proportional representation voting system? You can start by signing [this declaration by Fairvote Canada]( If you're extra keen, also sign [this petition for a citizens' assembly for voting system reform]( Thanks for the awesome article, Dave.

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