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Dec. 11, 2019, 5:51 a.m. -  Luix

Carbon offsets and "individual responsability" are two of the biggest lies in the climate change debate. I don't want to sound conspiranoic, but the media is constantly pushing on us to reduce our carbon footprint, constantly putting the burden on us consummers by telling us "every little bit counts", yet then the biggest companies in the world won't give a fuck about our global future. They just keep their old practices, merely because they yield the biggest profit. To Toyer: I get it, you're concerned you won't have a trail to ride in the near future. Those are **first world problems man**. Most of the countries/people being blamed for the ocean plastic pollution have a high percentage of their population without access to safe water, a reasonable daily food intake or a safe house. Do you think they do consider how the fuck are they disposing their plastics? They have other stuff on their top priority list, such as living.  Wanna "vote with your pocket"? Stop buying Apple products, they have earned a "green" reputation in the first world by "exporting" obsolete products to African/Eastern countries as GARBAGE. The computers/iPhones/etc they send there as "donations" are ruined beyond repairability before they leave their origin country. All there is left for the receivers of those "donations" is to scavange them for tiny amounts of recyclable metal, in hazardous and archaic ways. As Dave says, if you want to have a word in the climate discussion, vote responsibly, back up political projects who do take the environmental aspect of our way of living into account (not snob NGO crap such as greenpeace!), and start or back up campaigns to force the big players in the game to earn a little bit, and start modernizing their production methods to reduce their carbon footprint.

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