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Nov. 27, 2019, 1:31 p.m. -  Pete Roggeman

I also have strong feelings about carrying a decent set of pliers on every ride. Used mine just last week to bail out Trevor who absolutely sh!tf*cked our ride with a 45-minute delay to fix a 'flat' which turned out to be the mother of all flats. I have a SOG Reactor multitool and we needed it to remove and then replace a valve core that got gummed up and then popped out in a pump with an interface that was too tight. Whoooosh...that's 3 more minutes of screwing and pumping. The SOG Reactor has been discontinued and doesn't have good reviews but you can find it for as low as $20 US (Blade HQ) and just as a lightweight plier set with a passable blade, that's ok. Forget the screwdriver, it's useless. The blade is so-so at best (but still handy for boxes, small cut jobs, or even picking mushrooms) and the lock mechanism isn't foolproof but it's light and the pliers are the main event and use compound leverage making them very powerful for their relatively small size. The Skeletool is a similar weight but more expensive, so...for true quality and actual EDC pedigree go Leatherman CX Skele, but if you just need lightweight pliers with a bonus blade on the cheap...the SOG Reactor works in a limited use case. It's come in handy at least a dozen times on rides and takes up next to no room or weight in my hip bag. I think we'll have more EDC content on the site soon. Speak up gear nerds!

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