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Nov. 26, 2019, 5:26 p.m. -  Andy Eunson

I think ventilation is somewhat overblown with vents and exhaust ports and crap. I was compelled to purchase helmets with few vents a few years ago as I was treating my scalp with this stuff called Efeudex for actinic keratosis. I had to keep my scalp out of direct sunlight. I had a Giro aero road helmet and an Urge for mtb that looked a bit like a bowling ball with a few round holes in it. People thought the helmets would make me sweat. No. Going hard makes a person sweat. Back in the day when we trained on the road with a head band and no helmet, sweat poured off my head. That Urge helmet had a brow pad that curved out at the rim in front of my face so sweat dropped off out in front. The Giro was a bit of a sweat channeller but a sweat buster brow pad fixed that. I have a Laser road helmet with lots of vents but it channels sweat directly into my right eye for some reason. Again a sweat buster pad made the helmet useable for me. I sweat more than Hunter S Thompson. Way more. I overwhelm Halo head bands. So to my way of sweaty thinking, it’s not really a question of ventilation as much as sweat management.

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