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Nov. 26, 2019, 9:41 a.m. -  cyclotoine

What is unclear to me about the sight, and could not be answered by someone on a live chat on the Norco website, is does the actual seat tube angle vary with size?  The geometry chart shows the actual and effective seat tube angle intersecting at some height about the horizontal top tube which makes me think maybe they are measuring effective SA at some average saddle height for the expected range of a given frame size and therefore the actual seat tube angle is different across sizes (like the sight). But the Sight gets steeper as you get bigger which makes it clear that that it is changing. The Sight leaves on guessing. AJ can you ask your contacts at Norco whether actual seat angle varies across size and, as a bonus, why, if they think steeper is better for climbing and taller folks as evidenced by the Sight geo, they didn't make the seat angle steep on larger frames?

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