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Nov. 21, 2019, 8:56 p.m. -  soft-g

Whoops, didn’t read before posting. Was trying to say that while the megatower has a comparatively poor spec for the money vs the Capra, the kinematic’s and ride quality of the Megatower are Just better.   On trail the Megatower rides like more than the sum of its “S” build parts. I found you could set the Capra up for Traction in the tech but it would “get out of shape” and repeatedly bottom on bigger hits, or set it up for hits but then really struggle for grip and track poorly. (This issue persisted with a super deluxe and a X2 coil.)  Conversely the bottom end super deluxe on the megatower rides significantly better, feeling plush in the rough, but composed and supported on deep hits. I don’t think this a YT thing as I have a 2018 Tues and it has none of these issues. But think the development of the Capra MK2 was rushed to compete against the nomad when the first really big travel enduro bikes came out.

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