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Nov. 21, 2019, 12:28 p.m. -  cyclotoine

I too am 6'3" (well a little over) and I'm on the XXL Transition Sentinel (515mm reach) and I would not go back to anything shorter, I even upped the stem length to 50mm. As many of the current XL "enduro" bikes are coming out with reach inline with my XXL transition, I anxiously await the next generation transitions which I expect to grow in reach (and If I am making Christmas wishes, will have size specific seat tube angles). I also ride an XL Pole Taiga fat bike with a 510 mm reach (674mm ETT), 50mm stem and it feels great. I'd take a steeper seat tube and 10 mm more reach if I had the option but compared to almost all other fat bikes on the market, it's a monster and has made fat biking way more fun. I feel like I can ride almost anything on it.

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