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Nov. 21, 2019, 9:44 a.m. -  AJ Barlas

Hey James. Glad to hear you're enjoying yours. It's a fun bike! I'm not comparing reach to anything when I say I feel cramped. That's how I find the fit of the bike. That said, having ridden quite a few larger bikes I know how it can feel. There are actually quite a few bikes in this segment with longer reaches now; Giant's new Reign 29, Specialized's new Enduro, Santa Cruz's Megatower to name a few. Bikes I've ridden that are bigger include the [Norco Optic]( I mentioned in the review, the new [Reign 29](, the Pole Machine, and the Mondraker Dune, which I rode 2+ years ago and it was longer then! The Dune is the bike that made me aware of how much better the fit can be.  Are you sure you're talking about the fork when you talk about 30% sag? That's well outside Fox's own recommendations. My settings were actually within range of Fox's recommendations for the 36 (listed below for your reference). But I wasn't speaking about the fork diving or having a big problem with it, I've owned the 36 before, am a big fan, and have run it on multiple bikes, so setup is reasonably straight forward now. The shape management problem was primarily from the rear of the bike, and that's specifically what was being discussed when I mentioned the drops into flatter, choppy terrain.  Fork – 74psi for 32mm sag and 17% HSC: 9–10 out/ LSC: 6 out/ HSR: 4 out/ LSR: 7-8 out (No volume spacers) Thanks for reading!

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