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Nov. 20, 2019, 7:13 p.m. -  James Moro

I'm really surprised you found the 500mm reach XXL capra to 'feel small'.   There's nothing 'compact' about the XXL capra.   I'm 6'3, but have a 34 inseam, and this bike feels spot on.   It feels slightly more stable than playful, which is what I wanted.  What bike are you comparing this to? Not too many companies have frames beyond 500mm for the reach except mondraker or pole. Curious what you ran for compression and rebound on the fork with 17% sag?  I run around 30% on the fork and feel like it does a great job with mid stroke support and resisting dive.  Not sure why you felt the bike dives during rough terrain. Maybe something was up with your fork?  I've tried running 20% sag on the fork and it feels terrifyingly harsh. I do love the honesty in your review, and you're really spot on with have agile the capra is considering it's travel.  I've had the 2015 pro race and now the 2019, and people are just skeptical that it's "too much bike".  I have no troubles playing around and popping off trail features, but the bike also has plenty in reserve for gnarlier terrain.  It's pretty ridiculous how light the capra (and tues) are.  It's funny knowing that my almost 200mm travel enduro bike is lighter than a transition scout by a longshot.  They definitely need to spec longer droppers on the bigger sizes.  I swapped out my 150 for a 170 reverb and could easily go with a 200 so I could slam the post for extra clearance. Maybe I got lucky, but I never had any issues with the finish on my 2015 capra, and definitely not on my 2019. This bike is so well-thought out and polished.  It's hard to get people to wrap their head around the idea that you're not buying a 'budget' bike. In fact, it puts most high-end builds to shame and leaves you $4,000 richer.

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