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Nov. 19, 2019, 9:09 p.m. -  Kenny

I know what you mean on the ETT thing but honestly I don't get super hung up on ETT to be honest, because seats seem to generally have enough rail adjustment to get me where I want. It's one of the only dimensions you can easily alter with no real effect on any other parameters.  I have two fairly new school bikes and an older one.  I have a large 2020 ripmo AF -475 reach, 76 deg STA, 632 ETT. I keep the seat slammed forward, I wouldnt complain if it was a degree steeper.  I also have a large 2019 rootdown. 478 reach, 76 deg STA, 637 ETT. So unsagged numbers are very similar. But despite being slightly longer, I think because it only sags up front, the STA feels super steep and I actually run the seat well rearward or center. It has a 35mm stem, ripmo has 40, but I run the seat literally at the other end of the rails, so it definitely has more ETT overall but both bikes feel right to me.  Then I have an XL  2017 Bronson same 475 reach but 74 deg seat tube. I keep the saddle slammed forward of course but it's not terrible.  What this tell me is I'm probably more susceptible to how STA affects rear suspension operation/sag that anything else.  I think that with a long dropper you have to relearn a bit. It's habit to pull the lever and sit down until the post bottoms. It takes some time for your body to learn to just take the amount of travel needed for whatever's ahead. I probably don't dump the dropper to the bottom in 80% of cases but on a real jumpy trail or steep roll it's nice to have the option. And thinking about the 210 is definitely just a luxury, I'd be totally fine one a 170-180mm post.  I have short legs though, so I can see for example the 419mm seat tube on my ripmo AF being a little too extreme the other way. 470 is a great length for a large frame imo.  IMO bikes could be sized 450/475/500 for m/L/xl with the same dimension for reach and seat tube. And nearly cover everyone.

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