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Nov. 19, 2019, 7:41 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Dropper post preference is a killer. I know folks who are hoping longer than 200mm posts are coming and folks that have gone back to 150mm.  Personally, I’ve backed off to 170mm. Same way I’ve ended up on a 780mm bar. I’m happy a bit wider or a bit narrower but that’s my happy spot. I could fit a 170mm post on the Siskiu with a bit of room leftover (and think they should spec one on the larger sizes, as I said). I don’t disagree though that designing the platform around 170mm with the knowledge that some riders will go longer and some shorter that the seat tubes could be a bit shorter in each size. — I don’t think you can look at Reach isolated from effective top tube length. What’s the STA on your current bike? Mega-steep STA makes even very long Reach bikes feel small seated. My seated pedaling position is right about perfect on the Siskiu and I’d only need a longer Reach if the STA was steeper.  I do think with bike fit by stem length basically reduced to 15mm (35-50mm stems) that more sizes are needed in every companies’ range. Hence the M/L comment.

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