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Nov. 15, 2019, 1:50 p.m. -  cyclotoine

Hozan chain pliers. Nice.  I learned by ham fisting old bikes. However, with the right tools (Hozan lock ring pliers for example) any crapy old headset or bottom bracket can be adjusted without marring. Though I do agree tool interfacing has improved it's not always the case. I've seen super shallow notches on bottom brackets cups all chewed up and how many threaded bottom bracket tool standards do we need anyway? Each requiring its own precision-machined aluminum and anodized super expensive tool. It's infuriating. Every time I buy a new bike there are at least a couple of new tools I need to buy.  Anyway, great read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And nothing spins smoother than a record hub adjusted with a JA stein hub vise.

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