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Nov. 12, 2019, 6:33 a.m. -  Sanesh Iyer

Great article. Your penchant for rigid single speeds is another path to scaring yourself into improvement... Over biking often results in boredom. On my Chromag, even with extended stints off the MTB these days, I find myself riding the same lines (maybe slower) as on any squishy bike I've owned. My first no dab bookwus through immonator lap was on that bike. I don't often flash trails, on big moves I stop and scope out lines and maybe move some loose rocks. But, it also feels like I'm 13 again and out with my buddies riding trails for the first time. Bonus benefit, when I briefly hopped on a squish last year I was flying faster than ever before. If your tolerance for risk is constant but you want to improve, look at what your riding. A smaller bike can go a long way to spicing up the same trails, enabling much longer days in the saddle, and access to new terrain.

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