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Nov. 6, 2019, 3:19 p.m. -  OwenFoster

White 2003 Balfa BB7 w 5th Element Shock, Brake Therapy, Boxxer Team, Mag30s and Intense Rubber.  Such a weapon for sending your carcass off silly old freeride features. I was at the bank taking out the cash to buy the next bike (the Very First Reign X1, 2006) and the teller, a young guy asked me what the wad was for.  Cheeky I thought, but I was i n such a good mood en route to soon-to-be new bike day that I indulged him.  He followed up with 'are you selling your old bike?'   The serendipity of exchanging my beloved Balfa for a different wad of banker money later that evening makes for a good story but to this day I wish I had kept it.  10+" of single pivot rowdy was just such fun.  The travel ended when the saddle was in the tire.  26 may be dead but I'd still shuttle it.

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