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Nov. 6, 2019, 10:04 a.m. -  Luke Kozakiewicz

I regret selling my 2013 NS Soda Air.  It was a 26" bike, the suspension design wasn't brilliant, it was absolutely too small for me, especially by today's standards.  But it was my first Full Suspension mountain bike, and the first bike that I purchased as a young independent man completely with my own money. It saw me from messing around small blue schmuck trails in Ontario to moving out west and riding pipe dream at silver star.  The year after I moved out I started working at a shop, and 2.5 years after owning the thing I sold it for like $1700 bucks, because how much can you get for a fairly entry level 26" bike, even in 2016? At the time I wanted the money for a fancy staff purchased carbon Trek with the 'much-improved' 27.5 wheels. Looking back a few years later, it was pretty clear that I could have just gotten the Trek without selling my Soda. I'd like to still have the Soda now because of how much fun I had on it, how much I progressed on it in my formative mountain bike years ,and the fact that it represented something really special to me, as it was the first 'real' thing that I purchased for myself as an adult.  I've looked for it since. I saw a person who had it on pinkbike who purchased it from whoever I sold it to, but he wanted way too much for it. I've been looking again since and nothing. I know I wouldn't ride it. I just want it to be on the wall. I just want it around again.

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