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Nov. 5, 2019, 6:08 a.m. -  Shinook

They're on par with the Code RSC in terms of features. They both are well designed, both use bearings in the lever instead of bushings, both have reach/contact adjust, both are rebuildable, and both feel great, although a bit differently.  As for the Code R, I can't run any of the R/RS level SRAM brakes. Every pair I've had developed an annoying amount of lever flop due to the bushing in the lever.  The main difference for me between the Code RSC and the Dominion A4s I've been running is the lever feel. The Codes seem to have a firmer, more immediate 'firm' feel on the lever stroke without any slack than the Dominions. That said, the Codes power seems to come in a bit slower and more modulated, whereas the Dominions comes in a bit faster once it starts to engage. IMO the Dominions have more power than the Codes do, but if you run the levers far out on the Codes, you might be able to get the same amount of power, it just takes more of a pull from your hand. The lever throw on the Dominions is definitely the smoothest and requires the least amount of hand strength to achieve power than other brakes I've used.  The only area I preferred the Codes was bleeding, Bleeding Edge is a bit easier to work with. That said, the Hayes have some nice features the Codes lack, like the ability to flush the caliper, ease of alignment, and ease of lever maintenance.

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