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Nov. 5, 2019, 6:03 a.m. -  Shinook

I've been on these about 4 months now and I came from the Code RSCs, I really really like them. They have a ton of power and some really nice, well thought out finishing details. They manage heat really well, I've roasted them on some long downhills to a surprising level of heat and they remained consistent. The rotors have stayed true and not warped, which is a problem I tend to have with SRAM rotors. Personally, I found the Crosshair alignment system to be real useful, but I tend to have issues with my caliper shifting inwards over time for some reason. It also makes re-installation of the caliper a lot easier, since all you need to do is push it to the side. It wasn't a make or break feature for me, but I thought they were useful.  Another interesting feature that every other review has overlooked is the design of the bleed block. If you insert the opposite end of the bleed block into the caliper, it allows you to work the pistons out safely for lubrication. Every so often, you can push the pistons out safely (without risk of them popping out) using the block and drop some DOT onto the piston or clean it.  My only gripe is the bleed process, I found it a bit messier and more of a pain than the Code RSCs I came off of, but I think that's more of a case where Bleeding Edge is really good instead of the Hayes being problematic. It's also probably worth noting that most Shimano or SRAM adapters won't work due to the size of the caliper, so you have to get the Hayes one. Mine came with both pad compounds, not sure if that changed or not. I run the metallic for the stopping power, especially with more aggressive tires, but both compounds feel really good. I tend to run my levers closer to the bar, so the metallics felt a bit better for me since the power comes down a lot faster. The resin felt really good, but wore a bit faster than I'd have liked and required a bit more lever pull to get the same power.  Looking forward to hearing your impressions, as well!

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