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Nov. 1, 2019, 1:36 p.m. -  cyclotoine

Yeah I would have liked to see an even longer reach on the XL with that kind of seat tube angle. Then again, I rented an XL Megatower this summer and it didn't feel all that bad and it's even shorter in the cockpit. All in all though, this is very close to the magic numbers I've been envisioning for my next bike with the exception of reach being a touch short. I am tempted to order one right away, but it seems no discounts are available as most shops will have placed their pre-season orders long ago. I'll wait till they are on shop floors and try to test ride one first. if you look at the geo diagram on the website it suggests the effective seat tube is measured well above the effective top tube (unlike most other manufactures method of reporting). If this is true then the seat tube is the steepest from any North American brand that I am aware of. Big props for the size specific nature of this, Norco seems to be ahead of the curve with these new bikes compared to the other big players.

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