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Nov. 1, 2019, 12:08 p.m. -  Shinook

I'm not advocating that it's for everyone, however diet doesn't always work. We tried that in my case and there was not a significant enough change, so the medication was required. Obviously a healthy diet is a better choice than being medicated. I can't speak to your sources, but I've seen three different cardiologists (I move a lot) since being initially prescribed statins and they all believed I should remain on them for prevention of future issues.  I did have one primary care physician question it, but he did so 100% based on my age and weight, without having seen any of the other numbers or history that led to my initial prescription. In either case, heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death and my point was less that everyone should be on statins, more that people should be encouraged to take preventative measures by seeing appropriate doctors early in life rather than assume their lifestyle is enough.

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