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Nov. 1, 2019, 9:35 a.m. -  IslandLife

It will be interesting when we switch. Check the link below... it's a Wikipedia page that shows which countries around the world observe DST or Standard... _and_ how many times & when they've switched. It's amazing how many countries have gone back and more multiple times!! I think Russia might be a good example for us... they observed DST in 1917–1919, 1921 (some areas) and 1981–2010. In 2011–2014, they used permanent DST. But in 2014, they left permanent DST and switched to permanent standard time. Another good example and a very interesting one is the UK... they have observed DST (commonly referred to as British Summer Time (BST)) since 1916 and that's what they currently do. But they had Year-round Summer Time (BST) + a Double Summer Time (BDST) in 1940–1945. And then Two-stage Double Summer Time (BDST) in 1947 and then observed Year-round Summer Time (BST) 1968–1971.... but again are back to having a DST or BST during the summer and standard time during the winter. Even the US... observed year-round DST in 1942–1945, and 1974–1975. Some countries have switched back and forth from observing a time change a huge numbers of times... Turkey = 9 times, Portugal = 7 times, Nicaragua = 5 times, Uruguay = 8 times, etc, etc... although I have a feeling it probably becomes a political issue and for some of these countries the switch might depend on which party is elected. I could easily see that happening here... the NDP brings it in... there's a groundswell of liberals who start saying "that was stupid, vote Liberal and we'll switch it back!" A couple people I work with who are liberal supporters have already been saying things like "why is the NDP bothering with something like this when there are far more important items to be working on" haha. [\_saving\_time\_by\_country]( On a personal note, I voted for the switch because I don't think we should be changing time twice a year, it really fucks with people. When I was young and didn't have as many responsibilities I would have loved the extra time in the afternoon for biking, skateboarding and hiking back country snowboarding. But, like you mentioned... with a young family these days, my weekly Sunday morning, dirt-church, dawn patrol ride is generally the only ride I get through the late fall/winter/early spring and this change could make that more difficult...  But.. this year we're getting back on the ski hill hard, which means I probably won't be riding much this winter anyway which makes the issue kinda mute for me.  I also don't see the issue with the si resorts.. they can just open and close later... which would actually be great, we can all sleep in a little more!

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