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Oct. 29, 2019, 3:37 p.m. -  earle.b

" In fact, at times during the testing period I found myself wondering if I'd finally reached the point in my life where I was standing at the abyss, staring into a downward spiral of physical degradation. I'd get to the bottom of a trail and I'd feel like I had been absolutely worked. On fast and rough trails, I'd start out with gusto, then have to back off a bit and it would feel like I was hitting every bump and finding every hole, and I couldn't ride slowly enough to make the pain go away. Under a younger, stronger, better specimen of a human being, this might not be a problem. This bike would be the perfect second bike to my 20-something self that rode a DH bike all the time. But my old self started looking for ways to take the edge off." An easy fix.  Mtb dryland with Bond training. [\#train-smart](\#train-smart)

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