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Oct. 29, 2019, 10:44 a.m. -  Dude@

I got a Ripley V4, when it first came out. First Ibis does a lot of things right, simply frame layout, can install long dropper, water bottle, its relatively light, internal routing is easy. Not a big fan of Ibis colors or graphics. It's a down right fun bike! At one point, I was considering going back to 27.5 wheels to have a bit more fun, as I was missing certain riding aspects. This bike changed my thoughts. It is very fun for a 29er. Though I never rode BMX, I refer to this as my BMX 29er.   I agree with Dave. Its a true "trail" bike and works best when you keep it in its lane. Many trail bikes blur the line into AM and in doing so take some of the fun away. The travel, stiffness, lightness, etc - keep the bike more on edge which is rewarding to ride on regular trails. I don't grab this bike for riding more aggressive (I have, but) as I find it not as enjoyable.  I also notice with the Ripley geometry (can't explain why) that I ride it in more a new school approach - i.e. over the front.  This is part of the equation that makes it fun.

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