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Oct. 22, 2019, 10:05 a.m. -  Brad_xyz

A few questions / comments: 1. Are you sure the torque specs for the damper and air side bottom nuts being the same? I seem to remember a Fox video that showed significantly different torques for each. 2. Is mixing Gold 20wt with 5wt Telfon infused damper bath oil on the damper side a good idea?  I know Gold 20wt is a lot better lubricant for the wiper seals but my concern is that it will eventually migrate and mix with the 5wt Telfon infused damper bath oil.  As long as these play nicely together (don't form some weird emulsion or something) I'm sure its fine, but since this oil can also work its way into the damper itself on the Grip 2 (since its not a completely sealed damper) that kind of bothers my OCD :) I debated that myself the last time I did mine and ended up just using the 5wt Telfon exclusively on the damper side.  3. I didn't see you mention putting a little (3ml?) of 20 wt on top of the air shaft seal head (from the top cap side) as I think Fox recommends.  I know some people object to this as they have concerns it could eventually get caught in the negative air chamber (which I still don't see a problem with unless you put more than 3 ml in).  Was this a purposeful omission?  I find it makes my fork extra buttery for a longer period of time. 4. Where do you get replacement crush washers without also buying the wiper seals?

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