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Oct. 17, 2019, 1:17 p.m. -  Mammal

Tangent, but I find it interesting that you find the DHF 2.5 less satisfactory than the 2.3, as I've had the opposite impression. Are you referring the 2.5 WT or the old school one (pre-wide rims)?  I'm fairly certain the size and spacing of the knobs were proportionally scaled up for the WT version.  I found that as rims got wider, the 2.3 Minion had way too square a profile (29-30mm internal rim). Once I moved to the 2.5 WT, that tire gave me better overall performance than I ever had with the 2.3's, regardless of rim width. Probably a lot of that is due to the increased volume, but front seemed to transition more evenly from middle to side knobs better than my previous experiences. Fantastic even knob wear throughout the tread pattern as well. And I've been running DHF for a decade an a half. Interesting...

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