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Oct. 15, 2019, 2:56 p.m. -  IslandLife

Felt the same way about the Schwalbe MM and new HD.  Decided to make the switch when I got my new bike back in Jan... by the spring I was back on the DHF and DHR II combo.  The MM wasn't too bad, actually enjoyed it... but the Hans rolling speed was a little lower than you'd expect from a tire with it's grip levels.  Sometimes I'm willing to trade one for the other depending on conditions, but the Hans just didn't seem to have either.  Found the biggest difference was on damp steep slabs, rolls and rocky terrain where I could usually rely on at least some rear braking, but not with the hans.. had a few hairy moments with that tire. Hoping to try out the Assegai/Disector combo soon... also hoping they release the Disector in more casing and compounds (EXO+ MaxxTerra 2.4WT please.)

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