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Oct. 12, 2019, 12:08 a.m. -  Garrett Thibault

I bought the TRPs. They’ll probably end up on my hard tail.  Not enough power for my liking in the bike park, and I’m 180lbs. I even tried upping the rotor size to old Magura’s that were 210 (?) front and 203 rear.  Someone in the lift line at whistler asked me about them, and I replied that I was actually wanting to ask the guy beside me who also happened to have them what he thought because I was finding they didn’t have enough power. Guy beside me in the lift line was offended and told me yeah he has to brake with two fingers sometimes, but they have ample power. Dude that asked me responded that yeah, his kid had them and found they didn’t have enough power either.  I bought a set of the Magura MT5s for a good price from Germany. They’re feeling more powerful than the TRPs so far on the enduro bike, and they were cheaper. They’re also mineral oil and have the plastic lever for cold days.  I’ll have them on the downhill bike next season, but it was too big of a pain to do the internal cable routing at the end of the season, especially considering I’d like to have them back on the enduro bike this winter.

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