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Oct. 8, 2019, 3:59 a.m. -  luisgutierod

too much this geometry.. I cannot wrap my head around it... may be I'll demo one in the near future.. but I guess I'm one of those who think "I know my ideal geo numbers".. anyways, I have an EXT Storia LOK V3... that shock is just nuts... the initial sensitivity and midstroke support is just unbelievable...along with the HBO feature... but I have an Issue... it works fantastic on my canfield balance, but it just does not on my intense tracer (I have to put it upside down due to clearance issues)...dont know what it is but it does horrible noise, like cavitation, and climb switch it does not even work... I'll get it service one of these days, but its weird that the position affects eprformance.

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