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Oct. 5, 2019, 4:25 a.m. -  twk

Those are all nice suggestions, thanks everyone. I suppose there is some show-factor to the setups one sees on the internet, as opposed to the more practical solutions that involve old tubes, socks and the like. I suppose I could sew myself a cheap waterproof-ish rolltop framebag for my singlespeed, and carry a waterbottle and avoid any bag on my back, and just stuff everything in there (tube, tools, tubeless stuff, my overly long pump, medikit, snacks, keys etc), and strap that down to the top tube. For shorter daylight rides that might be ideal. But on the FS I don't think I could make do without my pack without buying a lot more kit. Once (if) I actually implement this, I'll post some pics.

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