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Oct. 3, 2019, 10:44 a.m. -  OwenFoster

It's all just so personal with stoppers isn't it? I was advised to try Magura MT7s from a friend recovering the use of this arms after a C-spine injury, he found they had 'the most power for the least effort'   I found this true and the application of the clamp to the rotor really jived with me.  A lot less _on/off_ than typical Shimano yet more confidence inspiring than a _sram dish sponge_.   The issue was the levers.  I found myself not a fan of the feel, material choices, durability, bleed porting or even the look / industrial design.  Having a real love for Shimano brakes and the wanting to match the group for which I already had m9000 cranks, mech, chain and originally cassette (OneUp'd to 11-45) I purchased some M9000 trail levers and cut the MT7 levers loose.   I wouldn't ascribe magical powers to the hacked setup but I did immediately have the ability to cast spells on forest gnomes causing them to burst into chorus, have won the lottery 52 weeks in a row and last month I cracked the sky with a wink and a nod.  Probably unrelated... [](

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