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Oct. 2, 2019, 12:16 p.m. -  OldManBike

I've been a helmet-safety nerd since my own (initial) mtb concussion years ago. I'm also a longtime MIPS skeptic. But I think MIPS Spherical is one of several important, promising new approaches to reducing concussions. There's no relevant testing for certification (and, in 2019, motherfuck the whole industry for that) but my best guess is that it does provide a meaningful real-world benefit, meaning that if you hit your head in a crash you're more likely to avoid a concussion. That said, recognize that there's likely a trade-off inherent in the MIPS Spherical design vs. other concussion-reducing new helmets. Basically, MIPS Spherical uses two foam shells with squishy rubber whozits that, under direct or angular force, squeeze between the shells, like marshmallows between two boards. The potential advantage of this design, compared to competitors like Kali's LDL or POC's Spin, is increased confidence that the bumpers will work in a crash instead of missing your head or being gummed up with your gross headsweat slime. The potential disadvantage is that the overall helmet is both bigger and heavier, which could increase the concussion-causing force on your poor brain. Is that trade-off worth it? I have no idea. Maybe one day we'll have reliable, independent, public data to answer that. Until then, do your best. Whatever you decide here's the important part: the time to buy a safer helmet is _before your first concussion_, not after.

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