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Oct. 1, 2019, 6:34 p.m. -  Doug Hamilton

Great review on the XTR parts. It's excellent stuff. There are a few parts mixes that work very well with the new 12 speed group sets too.  You can run the new XTR or XT levers with Saint calipers. More power than they had before with better modulation.  XT and SLX rear derailleurs work with Sram NX and GX shifters, actually better than the Sram ones.  Swapping the XD driver body on your DT 240 or 350 rear hub for a Shimano Micro Spline type, means you can run Shimano cassettes and save yourself 50% on the price of a cassette (in NZ anyway) compared to the Sram ones. An XT rear hub is also a viable swap alternative too. Costs the same as a DT driver body. You do have to rebuild the wheel though.

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