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Sept. 24, 2019, 9:15 p.m. -  Shinook

Most suspension tuners I know prefer the FIT4 to the GRIP2, for several reasons, one of which being the ingestion issue mentioned above. My bath oil tends to get dirty pretty quickly, the idea of it being cycled through the damper seems really poor. The fork also lacks the benefit of a bladder, which is supposed to provide better sensitivity.  The benefit of the GRIP2 is more adjustability for the end user, though. Most of the tuners I know can re-shim their FIT4 to feel correct and address the spiking HSC, slow HSR, and other tuning issues that the damper comes with stock (depending on weight). The average user can't do that, so the GRIP2 provides that external adjustment and a better feel despite deficiencies in comparison to the FIT4. I prefer the Mezzer, but the GRIP2 had a firmer, racier feel than the Mezzer did. I was able to get the Mezzer closer to the GRIP2 feel by closing off the HSC and increasing the IRT, but I found the GRIP2 wasn't really able to be adjusted for as compliant of a feel without dive. Given the reviews, I expected to be blown away by the GRIP2, but I thought my Helm was close in feel, the Mezzer was overall better, and the PUSH tuned 36 FIT4 was better. I think the main thing people will get out of the GRIP2 is the ability to get the fork to respond faster than most stock tunes will via the wider range of rebound adjustments in comparison to others on the market.

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