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Sept. 19, 2019, 2:32 p.m. -  Andrew Major

Ha! Cheers, When I talk about tire squirminess I’m referencing roll as well. It’s impressive how much support there is leaned over in corners even with too little PSI in the tires. I’m quite surprised that CC isn’t making a size for Fat Bikes as regardless of weight they would resolve my big complaint with the breed.  I’ve only run the regular version in 2.4” tires on i30 rims but given my 2.6” SE4 is on an i39 rim and its awesome I’d guess that you’d prefer the Plus version as well for your i35 / 2.6” setup. That said, you’re right in the middle ground so it may be worth getting a recommendation from CC though.  The system is working so well for me this far that I can’t see dumping it despite the extra 668-grams of rolling weight on my single speed. It’s a huge improvement over a regular tubeless setup and Huck Norris as well. You may find yourself moving it over to your non-spare wheel. Hope that’s helpful!

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