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May 4, 2016, 7:28 a.m. -  qduffy

#!markdown Fun article, Cam. I think us oldish guys can look back at our mistakes with a point of pride. We made, propagated, maintained, and persisted in this stupid crap for a couple of decades so kids these days wouldn't have to make the same mistakes. We took one for the team. We beta-tested MtnBike 1.0. You're welcome. I know I was a product of my time. Everyone was searching for that sub 22lb xc bike. You'd rationalize all sorts of things - like you, I cut down my bars so the bike would be lighter and 'get through the trees better'. But I think the biggest mistake I made was stopping. I moved to Vancouver in 98. Had a couple of years riding the endowment lands and stuff, but then had a few rides in Squamish and on the North Shore, broke my GT RTS3 and promptly stopped mtn riding. Gained 40lbs, took about a decade off, and then one day, riding with my kids along the Whistler Valley trails I took my commuter bike into one of the little skills parks and just as promptly as I had quit, I bought a new Rocky and started riding again for real. Lost 40lbs. Life is so circular.

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