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Sept. 8, 2019, 5:49 p.m. -  John Keiffer

Well I finally made the purchase. I got the 30X alloy bar with 16% sweep and 30mm rise. 780mm seems fine, and I'm lazy so I probably won't ever cut it unless I had a second one. I can't speak to them being very "forgiving", but Andrew says they are so I believe him. I can say that I love the feel and the positions it puts me in. Very pleased with this purchase. (FINALLY) I have a bike that came stock with a short stem, and I've always thought it was probably too short. Since that stem was 35mm clamp and 45mm length anyway, I put on a 60mm stem I had available from a different bike. I think I could go even longer, but for now I'm going to keep riding it the way it is.

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