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Sept. 5, 2019, 12:38 p.m. -  AndrewR

@Vik Banerjee "Mostly what I have seen is young guys on e-MTBs so they can avoid the pain of the climbs and middle aged folks cruising the railtrail grade bikepaths on the weekend." I would say that you have been lucky. I mostly encounter e-bikes ridden by ignorant 50+ males riding counter flow on trails and being too ignorant or rude to yield to the climbing rider. And 50+ couples overtaking on the cycle paths (yes we use them to commute to the trails to stay off the roads) and roads without having the manners to call "passing on your left" let alone indicating their group size or saying "thank you" or calling "last rider". I had one ignoramous tell me that we 'needed to watch out for the rest of his group' as he pedalled us off the trail, by riding down a rocky tech section we were climbing, on his e-bike. My response was that I hoped his group had better trail etiquette and manners than he did. He appeared somewhat taken aback. The rules of the sea/ road is that power gives way to sail, it has always been this way.  It should apply on the trails too regardless of climbing not climbing. If you look at the mixed trail use hierarchy of use it is horse/ hiker/ mountain bike in order to priority. E-bike should be listed as well and firmly below "mountain bike/ bike". At the moment all e-bikes need to be sold with a permanent top tube sticker that spells out general trail etiquette as well as a reminder to call "passing on your left/ right" when over taking riders that are actually earning their kilometres. I don't hate on e-bikes but I am having trouble with the poor attitude and manners of most of their riders at the moment.

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