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Aug. 27, 2019, 12:51 p.m. -  Metacomet

I have BOA's on my winter Lake MXZ 303's, and my 5.10 kestrels and I feel like adjusting them on the fly is more of a byproduct of the wires creating such rigid lines across the top of your foot.  Adjusting tension more or less becomes necessary because the rigidity grows uncomfortable over the course of the the ride as your foot heats up and swells, etc.  Laces tend to just become invisible as long as they're tied well to begin with.  BOA's are very quick and convenient getting a shoe on and off and allow for good micro adjustments, and they also work awesome on helmets.  Love their application there.   But after ripping them clean off both of my winter boots and breaking one on the kestrels, it feels like a major fail for a pair of $300 winter boots to be taken out by grazing a rock or a log. Spent a winter with a velcro strap around the whole shoe to keep it closed, and it honestly worked better than the boa. Did the same thing with the second boot the next winter.  BOA was great at sending me parts to fix it, as it was the entire base that ripped clean off, not just the ratchet, but it is comical when you think about how simple, durable, and perfectly functional a humble shoelace is in comparison.

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