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Aug. 27, 2019, 10:18 a.m. -  Brad_xyz

I've been running ProCore for almost 3 years now and could probably write a 100 page report on my experiences, opinions and things that could be improved but I'll try to keep this brief ;) 1) I have been running these in my carbon Light bicycle rims at 95 psi inner, 30-36 psi outer (rear), 85 psi inner, 21 psi outer (front) with no issue (also in my other aluminum DT EX471 wheelset). The only issue I have is that I have to tighten the spokes after airing up the inner tire/tube. However, the other issue many other carbon rims have is that the special ProCore valve stem is too short to extend far enough out of the rim for you to get the nut on. You cannot use stem extenders with ProCore. 2) Unlike Andrew, I have been able to get away with using light sidewalls with ProCore (Maxxis EXO, Schwalbe Snakeskin) without issues in PNW riding even including some park riding. Obviously areas with lots of sharp rock would change this equation, but if you are pinch flatting or snake biting with ProCore, my experience is you either need to increase your inner ProCore pressure or you are running a rim that is too wide for the current ProCore arrangement (see next point). 3) The current (only) ProCore option works best for me with rims in the 23 to 27 mm inner width and tires that are around 2.35". Once you get into wider rims, the ProCore inner tire/tube combo starts to become too low profile to provide optimal protection against snake bite / pinch flats. Also the outer air chamber becomes much larger which increases tire drag with large volume tires (especially on the rear) meaning you need to increase your outer chamber psi to compensate which sort of defeats the purpose. For the reasons above, I wish they would increase the ProCore valve stem length a little and offer at least one larger volume / size option for rims with an inner width of 30 mm and wider. Otherwise I love my ProCore setup as it allows me to crash and bash down rocky trails with near impunity while previously I was snake biting my sidewalls way too regularly. I'm a heavy guy (220+ lbs riding weight) and the fact that I can control the pinch flat resistance (versus Cush Core where there is only one "cush" level available no matter what rider weight or preference is) is a big bonus.

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