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Aug. 26, 2019, 12:53 p.m. -  oldschoolsteel

I really like my 5.10s for flat-pedals, I've owned several pairs. I really haven't liked any of the non-5.10 flat-pedal shoes I've tried. There have been plenty of companies try to make similar products unsuccessfully.  I really like the low-profile soles that stick to the pedals and hold you as low as possible on the bike. I really can't imagine why they stuck a bunch of foam under the heel. Seems like a good way to mess with peddling and handling.  Can anyone recall thinking to themselves "ya, these 5.10s are good, but I wish they had more in common with my trail runners." Every now and then I wear my runners on my flats and they suck. They're too high and they don't grip. Cyclists tend to put their feet down sideways at odd angles from time to time and height matters when determining how much force it takes to roll an ankle.   The 5.10s were already among the most comfortable shoes to wear off the bike, and no one is going to take them for a run. Why cross them with a trail runner? I do think the changes to the heel and toe tread design make sense though. Stealth polka dots stick to pedals, but not much else. I hope adidas doesn't F-up 5.10.

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