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Aug. 25, 2019, 12:47 a.m. -  Aleksander Pusz

I've ordered SQLab XO series cockpit except stem: 3OX bar, 7OX grips and 6OX saddle. I'm about 175cm tall. 3OX handlebar high version has about 37mm rise (1.5") so is higher then on pictures from sqlab website. I run it on my recently build custom progressive 65 deg HA hardtail. Difference after switching from flat 720 is so big, that I can't believe I could ride 9 deg flat bar. Comfort combined with control. I think I've made right decision not to order 12 deg version. I can't directly compare but SQLab technical staff replied to me that it's more suited for people doing more technical stuff with elbows high. This answer satisfied me as I'm not one. I think, that 12 deg version is product for people that are not sure what to get and to try out new things but, wholeheartedly, IHMO it's not worth it as 16 is just it. There's also no point getting 311 too. First, due to bigger forward offset, so horizontal grips - stem distance is shorter. 3OX has about 50mm and 311 only 35mm so it needs 35mm stem and can't be further adjusted back so it's not suited for longer bikes and my frame has 480mm reach and 623mm stack when sagged 20%. Second due to width, I think this 780 is perfect. 7OX grips are extremely well made. Rubber feels awesome and grip is so great due to lots of texturing. There's no even slight feeling of "sticking". Most probably this is due to the rubber is free from harmful substances. Price/performance ratio is great. Worth to get a pair together with a bar. 6OX saddle is well, precisely made and comfortable. It's covered with kevlar so it should last long. I also run it without any elastomer to get proper bending, but I still think it should flex a bit more. I suppose they had to design thick joint to prevent stress cracking, that's why it's stiff. As far as shape goes it's really good. It feels OK when I'm more upright wandering around with saddle dropped down and also good when I'm leaned forward with no feel of pressure. I run it with U-shaped saddle spring from aliexpress (not overpriced R... original one, BTW copy is lighter) and this combo is great. EDIT: after few months of ride I've got to say that this saddle is exceptional. Period. Will take some more photos of whole bike, you will see how it looks, but here's teaser: []( I'm about to order Soma Dream riser for my wife. It will take some time, but will share my thoughts.

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