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Aug. 18, 2019, 12:21 p.m. -  Znarf

I’d be interested if the seat angle is great even for really long-legged people? 76 sounds steep BUT: My RAAW Madonna sports a 78.2deg effective and 74 actual seat angle. And I feel it is perfect. No need to ride your enduro rig with less sag to not make it slump on steeper climbs, no back pain. And with a 210mm dropper it is fantastic up and down. With less drop the saddle doesn’t move enough, with that steep an angle. (no theories here, I actually tried and tested these combinations a lot over the last couple of years) I also have a 29er Orbea Rallon which sits around 76degrees, varying with bb settings. At almost 37“ inseam, 76 is tolerable, but the 78 is really a lot better on a slack bike with lots of rear travel - for climbing and pedaling from and to the trails. Also dropper posts last longer for me on bikes with steep actual ST angles. Could you maybe measure the actual seat tube angle?  The new Enduro looks great - but this detail could make or break the bike for tall/long-legged folk.

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