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Aug. 2, 2019, 8:53 a.m. -  generationfourth

Wait so you fit a 2.6 Bonti in the rear? I have a 2.6 XR5 up front and wondered if it would fit in the back. Do you find the minions roll faster? I'm debating on going to 2.5 minion up front and unsure if it'll actually roll faster. I find the 2.6 to roll fine and XR casing is light but it's more of placebo of such a huge tire.  I don't mean to purchase a steel bike then harp about weight. Thanks to Joe's ingenuity I think it's quite light for what it is- a steel dual suspension bike. It competes with any aluminum frame weight, and heck most carbon AM bikes nowadays are easily in the 32-34 lb range.  The Radavist review said their large murmur came in at 30 pounds with mid level parts. I want to call BS on that. My murmur was roughly 32\# with carbon wheels and lighter tires when I first built it up... but it also hauled so much ass I broke some things and had to go heavier/more durable.  If you're coming from a HT and have no problems pedaling the starling I'm sure I'll be happier once I go back to the more efficient/lighter air shock.

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