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Aug. 2, 2019, 7:54 a.m. -  fartymarty

There is still some bob with the 32 round but it is fine.  The chainline seems to be set slightly above 32t so maybe a 33 or 34 would work better to eliminate all the bob. I have only had the frame since late April so am still getting my head around the shock settings as I have been on a HT for 4-5 years before getting the Murmur.  I'm 95kg and am running 200psi and generally have the shock fully open.  The shock still has the stock tokens - I have a gnardog but haven't installed it yet. My Murmur (XL) is 34lb and built solidly mainly with Zee and 2.3 Minions so is no lightweight.  That said I don't have a problem with the weight on the way up.  I was running 2.6 SE5s on it and it was circa 36lb but absolutely destroyed on the way down. Let us know how the weighloss goes.  When I spoke to Joe (when I test rode the Murmur) he said they have been built to 30lb with the right components.

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