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July 17, 2019, 10:15 a.m. -  STFU Bike

Cheers for checking out the article. A tube wrapped around your frame definitely helps but there are a couple of differences that make the STFU damper work better. The STFU creates two soft rubber impact points instead of your entire chain or seat stay, even wrapped in rubber. Less surface area means less noise. In most cases the chain no longer contacts the bike frame at all. These contact points are also softer and much closer to the chains original position so it has less distance to accelerate - impacts with less speed, less force and less associated noise. The STFU also contains your chain in all directions so prevents it hitting the inside of your swing arm, your seat stay as well as your chain stay. It also helps prevent the chain from extending side to side which actually makes your chain last longer, especially on DH bikes but also trail bikes. A big component of chain wear is actually too much sideways flex, you need some for your drivetrain to work but too much leads to poor shifting performance as the chain just flexes between your derailer pulley and cassette so takes longer to shift instead of crisply forcing the chain up or down a gear.

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